Pacific Golf Warehouse is a proudly Canadian golf company that was established to provide every golfer the opportunity to have the best equipment on the market and play their greatest game of golf.

Pacific Golf Warehouse was founded by two brothers and a best friend who have played golf for a combined 70+ years. Our experience in the golf industry is vast and covers every aspect of golf from Teaching Professional to Golf Course Board of Directors. We understand what golfers need to play their best and we know what it takes to bring that to everyone at the best price.

Pacific Golf Warehouse is currently an online only business, but we are headquartered in Vancouver, BC. Vancouver is one of the only places in Canada that you can golf year-round so naturally we thought what better place to stay in-tune with the most up to date trends and technology. Canada has the second most golf courses on Earth and British Columbia is seeing an ever-growing population of golfers. We believe that if quality golf equipment can be provided at a low affordable price than even more golfers will have the opportunity to play the beautiful golf courses this country has to offer.

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