Taylormade P790 vs P770 Irons

Taylormade P790 vs P770 Irons

Taylormade P790 Overview

Taylormade P790 Irons are one of the most popular irons that Taylormade has ever released and they cater to a broad range of handicaps. The 2021 version of the P790s is the third iteration of this club.

Taylormade P770 Overview

P770 Taylormade irons are a slimmed down version of the P790’s That were last released in 2020 but rumors are floating around that they might get a refresh this year.

Like the P790s they are aesthetically pleasing but differ in that they have more loft than the P790’s and they cater to a lower handicap range. While they aren’t technically considered blades the lack of cavity is apparent on P770.

Taylormade P790 vs P770 Irons

When constructing the P770, they followed the same recipe as the P790, however, shrunk it down into a more compact iron. From a shaping perspective, this is an iron that could be played on Tour. This iron has already made its debut in the bag of a top-ranked competitor at the 2020 PGA Championship.

This most noticeable comparison is that both the P770 and the P790 are structurally the same. Both golf clubs have the same materials, design and structure with the only major difference being the handling and the feel. 

Taylormade P790 vs P770 - Build and Composition

Both irons have a similar structure and the only major difference is the size and the weight of the P770. It is more compact than the P790.

The P770 is generally better suited to low-mid handicappers. The P790 released in 2021 features a thinner forged face with carefully located ICT design to maximize COR area while improving accuracy.


The P770 shape uses visual queues including a thin top line and less offset when compared to the P790. As previously mentioned, the structural build of these irons are pretty much the same.

Internal Weights

The P770 is a more compact iron with plenty of power and distance. The newly redesigned P790 features a low-profile tungsten weight to give you a lower CG and higher launch.


The P790 and P770 both feature ultra-light urethane foam inside the head, designed to generate more club head speed while also improving feel. The new P790 technically contains “SpeedFoam Air” which is a lighter version of the previous SpeedFoam.

Taylormade P790 vs P770 – Feel

There are a few differences you’ll feel when using one iron compared to the other:

  • The P790 is preferred by a wide ranger of handicaps because it's offers both length and forgiveness. This level of forgiveness made the P790 a much more appealing option for many golfers.
  • The P790 is bigger than the P770. 
  • Despite some of the physical differences, both golf clubs’ performance is pretty similar. There is a certain distance loss when hitting off-center shots with the P770 (less forgiving), but the professional players are inclined towards using it because of its high workability and the compactness.

Taylormade P790 vs P770 – Distance

P790 provides more distance than P770. As the P770 is a compact version of the P790 and this makes for a more comfortable hitting experience. When taking off-center shots, the loss in the distance will become apparent.

Taylormade P790 vs P770 - Degree of Loft

The base materials and construction are the same in both the P770 and P790. It’s important to note there is a slight difference as the P770 has slightly more loft compared to the P790.





3 iron

Length 39.00” – Lie 60.5̒̒°

Length 39.00” – Lie 60.5̒̒°

4 iron

Length 38.50” – Lie 61.0°

Length 38.50” – Lie 61.0°

5 iron

Length 38.00” – Lie 61.5°

Length 38.00” – Lie 61.5°

6 iron

Length 37.50″ – Lie 62.0°

Length 37.50″ – Lie 62.0°

7 iron

Length 37.00″ – Lie 62.5°

Length 37.00″ – Lie 62.5°

8 iron

Length 36.50″ – Lie 63.0°

Length 36.50″ – Lie 63.0°

9 iron

Length 36.00″ – Lie 63.5°

Length 36.00″ – Lie 63.5°

P wedge

Length 35.75″ – Lie 64.0°

Length 35.75″ – Lie 64.0°

G wedge

Length 35.50″ – Lie 64.0°

Length 35.50″ – Lie 64.0°
























Taylormade P790 vs P770 – Workability

The TaylorMade P770 is going to be the better option. The head size and the lower lofts produce more workability. This is really the better choice when you are a lower handicap player.

Taylormade P790 vs P770 – Forgiveness

The P770 has a smaller head  and thinner top line.

The P790 has a thicker top line, but still has the forgiveness closer to a traditional cavity back.

The compactness of the head in the P770 also means that it is a bit less forgiving. All that being said, players can still get plenty of distance, ball flight, and forgiveness when using the TaylorMade P770 irons.

Taylormade P790 vs P770 - Handicap Range



All handicaps, best for low to mid handicaps

Scratch Golfer - Low Handicap


Playing more forgiving irons is typically a better choice when you have a high handicap. What you sacrifice in feel and control with the P790s you gain with forgiveness. Most mid handicap golfers will struggle to consistently strike the ball in the sweet spot, which means a larger sweet spot will do more for your game than a little bit more control of your ball flight.

Who is a Taylormade P790 Best Suited For?

The P790’s are irons that will work for mid handicappers and with the right shaft, they will work for low handicappers. For a golfer that is new to the game looking for their first set of irons, the P790 is still a relatively difficult club to begin with. A larger cavity back with more forgiveness will provide a better experience for a beginner.

Who is a Taylormade P770 Best Suited For?

The P770 is designed for players who are consistent ball strikers. If you find yourself routinely missing the sweet spot the P770 isn’t a good club selection. Generally, these are for golfers who have low handicaps and need to be able to control their ball flight to dial in those low scores.


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