Everlast Adjustable Radian Massage Stick

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Active lifestyle enthusiasts are no stranger to tense muscles and stiffness after tough workouts. Repair your tired muscles so you can perform at your best using Everlast's Adjustable Radian Massage Stick. Using 12 reconfigurable massage wheels, this massage stick targets both large and small muscle groups, helping to improve circulation and alleviate pain. Organize the massage wheels for your own signature arrangement to target your stiff and aching muscles. Its lightweight and portable construction makes it perfect for transporting from home to the gym, and even for travelling. This multi-functional healing tool is perfect for warm-ups and recovery sessions to relieve your aching muscles. Keep yourself mobile by treating your body right from the inside and out.

  • Targets large and small muscle groups
  • Designed with removable handles and 12 reconfigurable massage wheels
  • Improves circulation and alleviates pain
  • Ideal pre-workout and recovery tool
  • 18" (45.72 CM) X 2.75" DIA (6.9 CM)

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