Everlast 18" Foam Roller

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Athletes and active lifestyle enthusiasts are no stranger to tense muscles and stiffness after tough workouts. Repair your tired muscles so you can perform at your best using Everlast's 18-Inch Foam Roller.

Using durable, high-density foam, this roller penetrates tissue deep in your muscles for a soothing massage. The firm, flat surface help stimulate blood flow throughout the body. Its lightweight and portable construction makes it perfect for transporting from home to the gym, and even for traveling. While great for alleviating muscle tension, you can also use this roller towards stretching techniques, improving balance, practicing push-ups, or as a brace during yoga. Its size is optimal for targeting large and small muscles, providing the full-body relief you've been looking for.

This multifunctional healing tool is perfect for warm-ups and recovery sessions to relieve your aching muscles. Keep yourself mobile by treating your body right from the inside and out.

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