Mizuno Men's JPX 921 SEL Irons


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Mizuno Men's JPX 921 SEL Irons


  • Special Edition Lefty set features JPX 921 Forged 4 and 5 irons along with JPX 921 Tour irons in the 6-gap wedge
  • JPX 921 Forged
    • First Mizuno iron fully forged from Chromoly 4120 material using their signature Grain Flow Forged HD process for signature Mizuno feel
    • Chromoly 4120 material is stronger, allowing for a thinner face and faster ball speed in a forged iron
    • Compact profile features shorter blade lengths, bevelled trailing edge, and reduced offset
    • Stability Frame adds perimeter weighting with toe bias for greater stability on off-center shots
    • CNC back milled slot is wider to promote more stability in a smaller club head
    • Pearl brush finish looks great and eliminates glare to minimize distractions
  • JPX 921 Tour
    • Forged from 1025E Pure Select mild carbon steel using the Grain Flow Forged HD process for signature Mizuno feel
    • Stability Frame with toe-bias weighting positions the center of gravity for more distance and straight, more consistent flight
    • Narrower sole in the short irons for clean turf interaction with the scoring clubs
    • Thicker cavity pad developed through study of vibration pattersn to fruther improve feel
    • Pearl brush finish looks great and eliminates glare to minimize distractions
  • Stock shaft: KBS $-Taper Steel, 120 grams Stiff
  • Stock grip: Golf Pride Z-Grip Full Cord, 50.5 grams
  • Set composition: 4-GW, 8-club set includes 4 iron, 5 iron, 6 iron, 7 iron, 8 iron, 9 iron, pitching wedge, gap wedge

Grain Flow Forged HD Construction

Mizuno's Grain Flow Forged HD construction creates each iron from a single billet of mild carbon steel and concentrates more metallic grains in the impact area for consistency, performance, and that unmistakable feel Mizuno irons are known for.

Stability Frame

Mizuno's Stability Frame features toe bias weighting, locating the center of gravity where you need it for longer distance and straighter, more consistent shots.

Harmonic Impact

A thicker cavity pad allows golfers to feel impact for a fraction longer thanks to Miuzno's study of vibration patterns.

Mizuno Men's JPX 921 SEL Irons Specifications


Forged Loft ° Lie Angle Offset (inch) Length (inch)
4 22 60 0.15 38.5
5 26 60.5 0.126 38
Tour Loft ° Lie Angle Offset (inch) Length (inch)
6 30 61 0.118 37.5
7 34 61.5 0.114 37
8 38 62 0.11 36.5
9 42 62.5 0.106 36
PW 46 63 0.102 35.5
GW 51 63 0.098 35.5

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