G-Pac Golf Glove Holder

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The goal set out when designing the G-PAC was to extend the lifespan of your golf glove. The golf glove needs to be taken care of just like any other piece of sports equipment. The G-PAC keeps the glove flat, maintaining it's shape, incorporates water resistant materials to aid in wet conditions and has a breathable front panel for moisture control. The materials also protect your glove against the exterior elements. Treat your glove as it should be treated!  






  • Water resistant Neoprene helps to keep your glove dry and protect against exterior elements
  • Lightweight foam adds body to the pouch and holds your glove's shape
  • Mesh panel allows for airflow





Each G-PAC is carefully constructed and inspected with quality stitching and high-end materials. The G-PAC you see today is the result of multiple prototypes and testing with amateurs and pros

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