Everlast 75cm Pro Grip Burst Resistant Fitness Ball



You don't always have to use weights to tone, trim and tighten abdominal, lower back and leg muscles. Keep your entire body in shape by practicing stability exercises with Everlast's 75cm Pro Grip Fitness Ball. This burst-resistant fitness ball inflates up to 75cm, making it an ideal size for individuals 6ft and taller. Its textured surface allows you to have greater control over the simple to complex moves you execute on the ball. Incorporating this piece of equipment into your regularly scheduled workout will give you the variety and muscle-burning you've been looking for. The included two-way action pump helps the ball inflate faster than other fitness balls. Start targeting all the major muscle groups, including glutes, obliques, abs and quads, without the use of bulky weights. For all your low impact home workouts, bring along this fitness ball to aid you in achieving a lean, balanced body. It accommodates all fitness enthusiasts, from the beginner to the expert.

  • Textured surface ensures greater control
  • Low-impact workout for all fitness levels
  • Develop lower back and ab muscles for a stronger core
  • Tone upper and lower body in one workout
  • Gain better balance and flexibility without joint strain
  • Inflates to 75 cm (30")
  • 2 way action pump included for quick inflation
  • Fitness guide included
  • 75cm

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