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Community Partnership

When we first started Pacific Golf Warehouse we all agreed that this business needed to give back. We wanted to find an organization that would be a great fit for us and our customers. HeadsUpGuys is that fit and so much more. This amazing organization was started in 2015 with one clear goal, to be the first resource men look to when facing depression.

how we are going to help

Raise Awareness + 
We believe that depression in men is not talked about nearly enough and is something that continues to affect thousands of men across Canada. Golf is an amazing opportunity to get together with friends and family, its also a great time to catch up with people to see how they are doing. HeadsUpGuys is a great resource to help you better understand what depression is and how it affects people. Using this knowledge we can all be more aware and mindful of those around us.
Raise Money+
Pacific Golf Warehouse will be donating $1 from each purchase on our website to HeadsUpGuys and that is just the beginning. We truly believe in this organization and the work they are doing. We hope to run events in the future to help generate even more awareness as well as raise more money for the cause.
What You Can Do +
Helping raise awareness can be as simple as just reading the resources available at HeadsUpGuys. The more people in this world that understand what depression is the more we can help those in need. We have also created an option for everyone on our website to donate through our checkout process. You have the ability to contribute as much as you would like.
Online Resource 

 Head over to their website to read more about what they are doing. Located in Vancouver, British Columbia at the University of British Columbia, they have an amazing support network to help further their efforts. They have resources for those suffering from depression as well as the friends and family. With HeadsUpGuys, you'll find out what supports are available and how best to reach out

Find Out More

Visit Their Website

Tons of information is available on their website for those interested in learning more about what they do. It is an amazing resource for more information about depression in men. 

Social Media

You can find updates and loads more information weekly through their social media platforms. Follow them and help others discover this fantastic resource. 


If you have more questions about depression and you want someone to talk to head over to their website. Talking to your doctor is always a good option, and just talk to one another. Someone could be battling depression close to you and you might not even be aware. We are all in this together.
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