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Sculpting the body doesn't have to be tedious. Everlast's Resistance Stretch Tubing conforms to all levels of fitness and gives some extra tension during your workouts.

Highly versatile and portable, these bands will help strengthen and tone all the muscle groups of your body. Adjust the intensity to your liking; resistance tubes give the same effects you'd get from exercising with free weights, minus the bulky equipment. Its cushioned handles add extra comfort as you pull and stretch. Wherever your workout takes you, this lightweight resistance tubing provides you with the opportunity to mix up your workouts and add variety. Use the included fitness guide for tutorials on how to effectively use your tubing.





Strength to 40cm

1.2 kgs

2.0 kgs

3.0 kgs

Strength to 60cm

2.3 kgs

3.8 kgs

6.0 kgs

Strength to 80cm

3.2 kgs

5.7 kgs

8.8 kgs

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